Rush Limbaugh
The World's Most Tedious Interview
An odd encounter with the ultraconservative blabber.


DETROIT--Crammed into the backseat of a limo with the 300-plus-pound syndicated radio personality Rush Limbaugh, we surmise he is peeved. In Detroit to kick off his "Rush to Excellence" concert tour, the arch-conservative talk-show host (weekdays noon-3 p.m. on WXYT-am 1270) was expecting us to do a quickie interview. He didn't know we planned to take him for a ride.

"I just don't know what this is all about," he says, staring straight ahead.

Gosh, Rush, we only wanted to take you on a tour of our town and get your reaction. After all, we listen to your radio program. You have definite opions about everything--especially AIDS, gays, the homeless, welfare recipients, women's libbers and commies.

But Limbaugh is distant and tired. And he has a dry, nagging cough. We offer him gum to soothe his golden tonsils.

"The only way it'll get better is if I DON"T TALK," he asserts. Oh, we get the hint. Well, on with the tour...

This article, which appeared in Detroit Monthly magazine in April 1991, offers an early look at the controversial, ultraconservative talk-show host. Click the link below to view this entire article in PDF format.

 Click to download: RushLimbaugh0054.pdf

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